Rett Thompson 

Owner/MAster of video/filmmaker

With nearly two decades of experience in film and video, Rett Thompson, founder of Masters of Visual Arts (MOVA), brings a dynamic and vibrant approach to each of his projects. An award-winning and visionary filmmaker, Thompson has distinguished himself through a wealth of creative endeavors rooted in stylistic storytelling and a musical sensibility. 

Thompson, an Atlanta native, founded MOVA in June of 2017 after generating a substantial body of work in film and video that includes Emmy-winning commercials, music videos, documentaries, feature films, and more. Equipped with the benefits of formal training from the University of Southern California’s exclusive School of Cinema Television, combined with an artistic approach suffused with a DIY mentality, Thompson has assembled an impressive and wide-ranging résumé with work in film, video, television and radio. Over the course of his career, Thompson has developed a tremendous skill set that includes directing, editing, producing, filming and writing. 

As MOVA has continued to expand and develop, Thompson has worked with dozens of well-known and celebrated artists, from Justin Bieber and Outkast to KISS and Ed Sheeran. MOVA’s clients also now include notable and historic brands like North American Properties, Hard Rock, The Boys & Girls Club of America, and Coca-Cola. 

With the rapid progress of MOVA within the past year, Thompson and his colleague, Ray Scott, are cultivating an innovative and imaginative atmosphere imbued with a rich vision and an eye on the future.




Infusing style, intelligence and creativity into each of her projects, Jill Kaszubski continues to hone her craft in filmmaking and expand upon her already dexterous abilities. With an all-encompassing skill set extending to editing, production, shooting, photography, and beyond, Jill, an award-winning producer, has found a home at MOVA, where her ideals and abilities both integrate and harmonize with those of her team. 

Jill graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s film school and continued adding to her inventory of techniques, as well as her command of filmmaking at the prestigious EUE/Screen Gems Studios. Having cultivated much of her insight and scrutiny in the realm of production and editing, Jill brings a perceptive and discerning eye to each of her projects, with an abundance of supplementary talents.

An incredibly hard worker, Jill offers a keen awareness and unmatched dependability among her peers. Her deftness and agility extend to all areas of filmmaking, making her an ideal team player at MOVA. With a precise eye and a passion for film, Jill plans to continue broadening her range and producing a prolific body of work. 




With a filmmaking approach informed by his extraordinarily diverse and varied experiences throughout a number of different cultures and countries across the world, Babacar Ndiaye brings a truly singular bravura to the team at MOVA. His creativity, curiosity and personality combine to color his projects through his shooting and focus, drawing in the eye and allowing viewers to absorb his perspective. His films draw you into the world in which they exist. 

Having earned his master’s degree in film and television production, Bab has been refining his techniques and craftsmanship for years, developing his writing, shooting, editing and more since joining MOVA. Along with his remarkable camerawork, Bab is also an award-winning director and screenwriter. Bab has continued to augment and complement his areas of expertise, always injecting his unique outlook into his film projects. 

Describing his style as lying somewhere between realism, vérité and edgy, Bab enjoys creating everything from short films and documentaries to scripted and narrative pieces. Bab’s passion and appreciation for not only film and videography, but also for the world around him, illuminates each of his projects through his incessantly positive and confident perspective. 


Anna harrison

Executive assistant

As MOVA’s executive assistant, Anna Harrison employs an impeccable sense of organization and order in maintaining and upholding a systematic, efficient business model. Because of Anna’s administrative dexterity, the creative team at MOVA is able to flourish, concentrating on innovation and content creation. Her outgoing demeanor and devotion to the collective success of MOVA make her a perfect fit within the team.

Anna’s notable alacrity serves to compliment her enterprising and purposeful nature, particularly in her roles serving as both a hub and a touchstone for MOVA team members. Having amassed substantial experience supporting executives in the field of higher education at Brenau University and Georgia Gwinnett College, Anna is accomplished in event management, travel assistance, communications, logistics and organization.

Anna relishes serving in such a diverse capacity, proficiently carrying out a variety of tasks, bringing a vital and elemental balance to MOVA, and employing her myriad strengths and abilities to the benefit of her peers and supervisors. With an innate drive to help others succeed, Anna has honed and streamlined the executive clerical processes at MOVA since joining, helping to bolster and enhance the business.